Sunday, September 7, 2008

Critical mass?

I can't get anything done, and that's because I'm doing too much. Ironic, huh?

I have too many UFOs. And in the back of my mind I'm always wondering "what can I start next?" I guess the next project is always the most interesting one. Not to mention that knitting projects must stay on the needles till finished so I'm going to run out of needles soon. I should probably be doing more crocheting, because you can use a hook for as many projects at one time as you want to. Just not all at once. Your yarn would get tangled.

Current projects I'm actually working on (or rather, supposed to be working on):
  • one pair of socks in straight stockinette
  • one pair of socks with an actual pattern, unfortunately I think I forgot where I am in the pattern
  • the v-neck tank top Nell designed (and I have no excuse for not having finished this one yet, other than I'm chicken that I won't size it right and I've misplaced my tape measure yet again)
  • one linen hand towel which I've already frogged twice (started it in feather-and-fan, frogged and tried to do reverse-feather-and-fan, frogged again and tried to do Old Shale) and am about to frog again because I finally realized that it doesn't make much sense to do a hand towel in a lace pattern even if it does look fairly solid in the pattern encyclopedia
  • one ball-band hand towel which is going nowhere fast
  • a pair of knee socks which are a gift for a friend. I've never made knee socks before and right now I'm paralyzed with fear that they won't fit.
  • a poor little cat that I probably could have finished by now if I'd just sit down and work on it.
I think I'm going to go frog that linen and try again. Why? I don't know. I think I'm picking it at random.

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